Buying real estate in the time of the coronavirus

Buying real estate in the time of the coronavirus

If the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted your plans to buy a real estate, we have good news for you - there are also several benefits to this situation!


Real Estate Market 2020

Looking for a house, apartment, or land to buy in the "new normal" has its advantages. One of them is certainly the fact that there are currently less people on the market who want to buy the same property as you. At the same time, with less competition, you have the time to search more thoroughly for real estate within your budget. By the time this crisis passes, the number of real estate buyers in the market will certainly increase, which could result in an escalation of prices. For that reason, being a few steps ahead of such a situation could be the right move.

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Real estate tour

At a time when fewer people are interested in a particular real estate, a tour arrangement should go very quickly. Also, in times of social distancing or travel ban, there is a possibility of a virtual tour in which the agent will carefully introduce all the specifications of the desired real estate so that you can finally decide if it is really for you.

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Real estate in Dalmatia

Real estate market opportunities vary by region or state. We can say, given that we know the market in central Dalmatia very well, that right now is the best time to choose a real estate tailored to your needs in this beautiful region. Top locations are more available than ever because of decreased competition.

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Naš dom Vodice

The first step of buying real estate in Dalmatia is the webpage you are currently on! Check our offer (https://nasdom-vodice.com/) and be sure to contact us (https://nasdom-vodice.com/kontakt) if you have any questions. It will be our pleasure to give you all the answers!

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