Apartments/Flats (83)

Apartment/Flat Srima, Vodice, 50,66m2
Apartment/Flat Vodice, 82,40m2
Vodice- apartment, II. Floor, 49.45 m2, 700 m from the sea
Vodice- studio apartman 42,01 m2 , 1400 m from sea, 1200 m...
Apartment/Flat Vodice, 32,80m2
Vodice - apartment 71.63 m2, 1st floor, sea view
Vodice - Two bedroom apartment on the ground floor with...
Vodice - two bedroom apartment , 68,85m2 , ground floor
Tribunj - Apartment in the attic, 300m from the beach Zamalin
Srima, apartment , ground floor, 43,23 m2, 350 m from the sea
Vodice - two one bedroom apartment , 1700 m from the sea
Vodice - Two apartments with a garden, 550 m from the beach
Apartment/Flat Vodice, 44,60m2, ground floor, with garden
Vodice - apartment 39.35 m2, 350 m from the sea
Murter- apartment 75,48 m2 , 300 from the sea
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